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Allstate Metal, Inc. is a scrap metal company that specializes in the purchase and recycling of both ferrous and non ferrous metals since 1999. We process and prepare your scrap metal for use in new metal for our country’s industrial needs. We provide the experience, integrity, customer dedication and consistent service that make us top in our specialized field.

We provide pick-up and recycling services for all those who generate and accumulate scrap metals whether it’s by the pound or by the ton. If you are a private resident or a large corporate business or industrial company, we can take care of your needs.



We're located in Belleville, NJ, minutes from New York and most areas within New Jersey. This gives us the ability to fully service the Tri-state area Allstate Metal provide the #1 fastest pick-up service in the Tri-state area. We can supply our clients with plastic binds for your recycling materials prior to pick-up.  If you would rather drop of your scrap metal we are easy to find, conveniently located near Route 3, Route 21, Route 7, GSP and NJ Turnpike.

Contact us today to see how we can help you manage your recycling and how we can provide you with excellent service, honest weight and top dollar paid. Allstate Metal provides a partnership with our customers and clients that exceed all expectations.

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